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about us

Our company was founded in 1959, when our founder Giuseppe Grassi – at the time wine merchant – started to salt some pig thighs. In fact, he bartered them with some farmers working in the area, in exchange for wines and grapes.

Subsequently, his hardworking attitude, his passion for the job and the peculiar historical moment that saw our economy booming, brought to a very rapid growth of the newborn company.

The original small factory – built close to the stream crossing Langhirano – with a capacity of approximately 5000 prosciuttos was then progressively enlarged up to a maximum of 40000 pieces.

Furthermore, the (at the time) so named “Salumificio Grassi Giuseppe”, was one of the very first companies to associate with other producers within the “Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma”, also born in those years.

storia del salumificio La Torre

In the 80’s, when the second generation entered the company with the two brothers Giancarlo and Paolo, a new factory was built replacing the old one. A small hill with a unique view on Langhirano was chosen to host the new facility, with a maximum capacity of 100000 pieces.

“Salumificio la Torre” was finally born.

storia del salumificio La Torre
storia del salumificio La Torre

There, the adoption of the most advanced technologies of the time complemented the obvious respect for the specifics and traditions of the area. In that respect, it is possible to mention the well-known air flows granting a natural seasoning process and the passion for an artisanal approach aimed at maintaining a proper attention to details.

The globalization wave taking place in that period allowed the company to build its presence outside Italy too. The first milestone was reached in 1988, when the company was among the very first ones being granted the license to export to the US.

In the 90’s also the third generation entered the family business, immediately before the expansion that in 2000 doubled the size of the company and gave our facility its current look. Reaching the capacity of 200000 prosciuttos, it became in fact one of the biggest players in the sector.

In the last 20 years finally, our facilities were continuously modernized and updated with a strong focus on the specific production of Prosciutto di Parma Dop, sided by a complementary small addition of seasoned “culatta”.

Today, the company is licensed to export in the US, in Japan, Australia, Canada, Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Colombia, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam and Indonesia… While waiting for the next gen!

salumificio la torre - prosciutti