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Our products:
Prosciutto di Parma Dop and Culatta

The company has now been producing for more than 60 years prosciutto di Parma DOP, a product resulting from a long and patient procedure leading to a final output which is fully natural, without preservatives nor additives.

With the goal of running a natural seasoning process leading to the characteristic sweetness of Prosciutto di Parma, only raw materials meeting certain specifics can be used. As a matter of fact, pig thighs need to come from animals born, raised and slaughtered in 10 well-defined Italian regions. Further, such thighs then need to be carefully selected and salted.

Subsequently, a long process of seasoning in our cellars follows. This is based, as much as possible, on natural ventilation. Furthermore, each and every prosciutto strictly has to be fully traceable and to contain full information about the various steps of production. The latest one is represented by the well-known fire branding with the mark of the 5-pointed ducal crown, symbol of the Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma certifying the authenticity of the product.

Recently, our product offering was enlarged to welcome a new item, the “culatta”. It originates from the noblest part of the thighs, smaller than the one leading to prosciuttos. Obviously obtained from Italian swine only, it is characterized by regular slices which makes it very practical and ready-to-consume.